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Mauritian hotels say “No!” to food waste

08 Feb 2019

1. Refuse

During the forum, several Chefs from different hotels have stated their strategies – assessing what goes to the bin, reducing portion sizes, revamping recipes with  peel,s and cooking only when orders are placed.

2. Reuse

FoodWise works in partnership with Beachcomber Paradis hotel, LUX* Le Morne and Panagora to distribute 175 meals several times per week at RCA Case Noyale primary school. They have developed a legal framework to protect all stakeholders. Two other NGOs also have the same mission: “Les Cuisines Solidaires” which collects around 5 tons of unsold products from supermarkets and  the agri-food industry each month and distributes them to needy people with other NGOs and associations around Curepipe, and the NGO “Manzer Partazer”.

3. Recycle

BioBin is a company which proposes a compost solution while Bioil is a company which collects used food oil from kitchens.

Some key figures to understand better

- While more than 1/3 of food in the world is wasted, the whole situation would change if only 1/4  was collected… and used properly to feed the 815 millions who are starving.

- The environmental impact: Food wastage is the 2nd biggest source of greenhouse gas emission in the world after the transport industry.

- The economic impact: According to a study carried by Winnow, an international start up working in the industry, 25% of the purchased food by hotels go to the bin. 

- What about investing?  NGO Champions 12,3 has proved that investing in the reduction of food wastage would bring 600% of return on investment to hotels in 3 years.


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