At FoodWise, we feel an urgency to bring new solutions to solve the food waste and food insecurity issues. We look at problems through a lew lens and thrive on solving issues people thought impossible to do. Throughout the years, we have developed projects that help us grow our impact in a sustainable way.


Waste less, juice more. At Rejuice, we celebrate things that make us different. The odd, the small, the wonky, we all turn these “ugly” fruits into beautiful juices. Our zero-waste juice bars are located in Bagatelle Mall, Moka. Made from saved fruits and vegetables, our drinks are fresh, affordable & good for the planet.

Micro Donations

Involve your customers in the fight against food waste and make a huge impact. Together with well-known brands, we have built micro-donations projects to raise money and fund food projects on the island. A win-win situation that raises public awareness, improves your brand image and has a positive impact on local communities.