Our Work

Turning problems into potential. That's our motto.

Through food rescue, education or innovative concepts, we offer a wide range of solutions to create value out of food waste.

In Mauritius, 279 kilos of food go to waste every minute, making food waste the first type of waste. We’re on a mission to change that.

KGs of food saved

*This number represents the total weight of food that was collected from our food partners and donated to NGOs helping people in need.

Meals redistributed

*This number is an estimation to give you an idea of how many meals could be made thanks to the number of tonnes we saved. The calculation is based on the fact that a meal weighs 250g.

Rs 3.30

Per meal

*This number represents the amount it costs us to save and redistribute a meal.

In value of food saved

*This number represents the total value of food saved.

Outsource your food donations. Become a food partner.

We have built a solution that is safe, easy and creates impact.

We are here to provide you with comprehensive support, from prospecting professional charities, to establishing a donation process and training your team all the way to delivery and impact reporting. It’s a win-win solution: for you, nearby communities and the planet.

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