Our Work

For 5 years now, we have been making a difference through food, innovation and movement.

We believe in reaching a zero-food to landfill while increasing poor communities' access to healthy food


Saving all the food that is wasted in Mauritius could help redistribute 600 million meals. Not mentioning how much economic value it would create for companies, NGOs and more. We have gold in our bins and we are here to mine it.


FoodWise is a social enterprise. We believe that profits are what makes a company grow. If we want to solve the food waste problem, we need to scale fast. To do that, we innovate and create complementary initiatives that help us save more food while making profits that are reinvested into FoodWise.


We inspire and influence others because we can’t do it alone. Collaboration is key, so our role is to give tools to people who want to make a change with us. We are creating a national movement, one that will be so powerful that we won’t be able to stop it.