From younger to older generations, we empower every employee, every beneficiary, and every citizen. Our aim is to connect communities, increase food waste awareness, boost healthy nutrition, and foster knowledge. We bring top-notch information to our audiences, providing them with the right tools to learn and take action in their own way.


Education is the premise to enable positive change. Our goal through education is to empower every child. We want to give every one of them the opportunity to understand their body's basic functioning and discover their rights. Through interactive games, they learn to value food and understand the impact it can have on their lives.


Through advocacy, we bring to light causes and policies of national importance. Our aim is to bring food waste to the forefront of political, economical and social discussions in Mauritius.

Training & Awareness

With training and awareness, our aim is to have a high-level service which is efficient and safe. We deliver tailor-made sessions based on our partners’ needs. Whether it’s for a food company or an NGO, we raise awareness to their teams before delivering more hands-on training on the donation process.

Knowledge Box

We've gathered all our knowledge, all the numbers, all the resources and all the information you need in one place: the Knowledge Box. Everything comes from verified sources and we are sure you will find what you need. Take a look and if you don’t, let us know!