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Want to help us on our mission to save food to empower people and protect the planet? There are always many ways to help!

Give food

Our goal is to reduce your food waste and associated costs, while also having an impact on local communities because food waste is inevitable. Training your teams, putting in place processes, selecting and training charities, organising the logistics, sorting out products to be donated, recording the impact of donations, and designing impact reports: we do it all for you. There is no commitment, so give it a try.

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Receive food

As a school or NGO helping people in need, FoodWise provides you with free food for your beneficiaries. With regular access to food, you can better empower your beneficiaries and free up resources (finance, time, people, etc) to focus on your greater missions.

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Start a microdonation project

Involve your customers in your fight against food waste. Make a huge impact. Together with well-known brands, we have built microdonation projects to raise money and fund food projects on the island. A win-win situation that raises public awareness, improves your brand image and has a positive impact on local communities.

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Book training and awareness sessions

With training and awareness, we bring tailored sessions based on our partners’ needs. From younger to older generations, we want to empower everyone and create a national movement around food waste.

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Donate money

By donating money, you contribute to the financing of our food projects around the island. For every Rs 3.30 invested into FoodWise, we were able to donate 1 meal to a person in need.

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Collaborate with us in any other way

Can’t find how exactly you can get involved? Reach out to us and we’ll work together to find ways for you to help, and get on board our fight against food waste.

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