In 2023, you can fight food waste with us!

03 Feb 2023

We are recruiting!

With a constant desire to go even further in our mission, FoodWise is looking for 3 new talents. We're searching for people who are passionate, creative and eager to learn and grow with us.

We have big and exciting projects in the pipeline and we need your help to bring our vision to life.

If you're looking to be part of our fun team of food warriors, working on exciting projects that make a real impact, then this is the place for you.

About us

FoodWise fights against food waste and food insecurity in Mauritius by providing solutions for businesses to save food while positively impacting our people and our planet. Since 2018, we have saved and redistributed over 4 million meals to over 120 NGOs in Mauritius.

1. Project Manager

Job Summary:

As our Project Manager, you will be responsible for scaling and implementing existing projects. Your role will be to materialize existing project growth opportunities and ensure they are completed successfully. From meeting with partners, coordinating internal resources and processes, or developing project plans, your end goal will be to ensure that our projects are delivered on time and produce the desired results. You will be the go-to person for everything involving a project’s development, organisation and timeline.



  • Meet the relevant partners to conclude contracts/deals to scale the projects
  • Coordinate internal resources and third parties/partners for the flawless execution of projects
  • Establish and maintain quality relationships with third parties/partners
  • Develop a project backlog and draw from it to lead efficient sprints
  • Measure project performance using appropriate systems, tools and techniques
  • Handle the administrative and technical aspects of the projects
  • Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation
  • Ensure that all projects are delivered on time, within the scope and within budget

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2. Social Worker/Field Ambassador

Job Summary:

As our Social Worker/Field Ambassador, you will be FoodWise’s representative on the ground. You will travel around the island meeting NGOs, beneficiaries and other CSOs or village councils.

Your role will be to have the most up-to-date overview of the situation on the ground and be ready to respond to the needs of the most disadvantaged communities. You will work for hand in hand with our network of NGOs and perform all onboarding, visits, audits and training necessary so that they handle the food we donate to them in the safest and most empowering way.


  • Visit the poverty pockets of the island and assess the needs of beneficiaries
  • Assess the localities that need support but in which we are not yet present
  • Put in place what’s needed for us to reach those localities
  • Analyze the demands of NGOs to join our network and lead the audit and onboarding
  • Better understand the needs of NGOs and those of their beneficiaries
  • Escalate those needs to our operational team
  • Assist to redistribution to NGOs and observe the redistribution process
  • Visit the NGOs, their premises and their food safety procedures
  • Perform trainings for NGOs
  • Understand the projects and empowerment programs of NGOs
  • Escalate any issues on the ground or opportunities and maintain records of field visits made
  • Take content (photos, videos, testimonies) on the ground

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3. Retail Account Manager

Job Summary:

As our Retail Account Manager, your role will be to identify, develop and manage new partner relationships and strengthen existing ones with supermarkets.

Your job will be to help identify and overcome the barriers which exist to giving surplus food to people in need in the retail sector. These include operational, financial and historical issues, including the return to suppliers. You will make it valuable for supermarkets to donate their unsold food by impacting their organization positively on multiple levels including marketing and communication.


  • Retain and increase the amount of food saved in the current supermarkets we are working with according to targets set
  • Understand the dynamics between supermarkets and suppliers and the return to suppliers process
  • Research relevant key personnel within the organization that will help drive the project’s success
  • Understand each partner’s needs and issues and use our project to help solve some of these
  • Develop systems and business processes which are appropriate for each partner
  • Make the donation process seamless and efficient
  • Work closely with our Marketing and Communication Manager so that the project impacts positively client and staff retention
  • Work closely with our Operations Manager in order to arrange the most efficient logistics solutions
  • Approach new food retailers that have the potential to divert surplus food products to the FoodWise network
  • Be responsible for, and proactively drive, your own lead generation setting of appointments and meetings to progress these relationships
  • Scope and implement partnership agreements between FoodWise and Retail Partners/Suppliers

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