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What they say

“Our partnership with FoodWise has enabled us to act more responsibly and consciously. Not only does it help to empower impoverished communities but it also helps the environment in the reduction of methane emissions from the disposal of food scraps in landfills. We firmly believe that FoodWise’s dynamic team and innovative thinking brings us one step closer to eradicating hunger in Mauritius.’’

 - Kelly Tsin, Sustainability Officer, Super U

Reasons of loss

Damaged packaging or products

Quality rejections from shelves

No distinction between best before and expiry date

Wrong forecasting

Expiry dates

Excess in stock

Customer choice

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Some questions we get asked frequently

Can I donate products after the expiry date or the best before date?

No, according to the food act, we cannot redistribute products after the expiry date, but we can collect them until the day of expiry. You can also donate us a mix of products which are expired and not expired and we will sort them out. Easier for you!

To whom is the food donated?

FoodWise picks and onboards carefully the NGOs. We ensure to collaborate with NGOs who have their food handlers certificate and adequate materials for food redistribution. Thereon,  we train all NGOs yearly on food and safety.

Can I propose the NGOs to whom to donate to?

Of course! Our role is to make your life easy. Instead of managing demands from dozens of NGOs, forward these needs to us and we will do our best to make sure your donations go to them.

’ I cannot predict the quantity that I can donate’.

This kind of donation is called Ad Hoc and it’s totally fine! FoodWise and NGOs are aware that it’s hard for companies to predict quantities available for donation. We know it depends on several factors, and we will adapt. 

Is there a minimum or maximum quantity for donation?

No. We know that dealing with surplus stock is a small priority compared to getting your prime stock to retailer shelves, restaurants, or consumer homes. This is why we work really hard to make redistribution easy for you. We also handle products at all stages of the supply chain. Whether they are returning from retailers or they are just out of production and are not compliant, we take it all.

Who performs the collection of donations?

The FoodWise truck performs most of the collections. In a few other cases, depending on the partner and the type of project, collection can be performed by the food partner or the NGO itself. 

Is there a cost to our donation service?

No, our collection services are free of charge.

Does FoodWise store donations?

No, as the intermediary between food partners and NGOs we ensure that food products go directly from you to the NGO.

Do we provide a legal framework to protect your brand?

Yes, disclaimers are signed by NGOs and their beneficiaries.