We have a mission to reduce food waste at scale. Legislation is key to building a national food waste movement. Our ambition is to impact the political agenda in order to create a more sustainable food system. We are working hand in hand with the Mauritian government and decision-makers. Together we want to change or introduce policies and regulations that will help reduce food waste and increase food security.

Date Labeling Policy, our first initiative

For the past two years, FoodWise has worked together with the government of Mauritius to change a 30-year-old law on establishing a clear distinction between the Best Before date and the Expiry date. This change in law was finally enacted in July 2022. 

Going a step further, FoodWise has now launched The Pact on Date Labels, with the commitment of Mauritius' biggest food companies to initiate and support tangible actions to raise public awareness and reduce food waste caused by date labels.