MEAL is a programme empowering kids to have healthier and
more sustainable eating habits. The sessions are to 9- to
12-year-old students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
They are hands-on and take into account their day-to-day realities.




How it works

MEAL is a six-week teacher-led programme focused on nutrition and food waste. The children learn a range of notions from a balanced plate, to diet-related diseases or the food chain.

The sessions are delivered by adults who accompany the students throughout each session to ensure they get the most out of it.


Initially delivered by FoodWise’s team, teachers themselves can now deliver the sessions. They get access to the learning plan, accompanied by all the videos and resources needed during the sessions.

Bring MEAL to your school

MEAL can easily be implemented in any classroom. Each learning session has been created with a pre-defined topic, a learning scenario and a series of games and activities to go along with it.

With MEAL, you get to provide your students with an opportunity to learn about a topic that is not always taught in schools.

The programme provides a most-needed addition to the learning experience. A way for students to express their creativity, voice out their opinions and work in teams.

*If your school needs funding for the educational material required during the sessions, you can reach out to us for support.



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What they say

“The kids have learned the meaning and importance of nutrition terms we use in our daily lives. Often words they had never heard before. The fun activities have helped them to easily learn about the different categories of food they consume daily (mostly local!), their main nutrients and their impact on health. With MEAL by FoodWise, they are given all the tools necessary for them to grow and adopt healthier eating habits.''

- Nicole, Nutrition Project Lead

"The sessions are motivating and dynamic, allowing the children to better participate. I would recommend them to other schools as they are very beneficial in the development of the children, especially when it comes to food waste."


- Natasha, Teacher at Ecole de Fatima

"We learned everything from the food digestive system to nutrients and the food distribution channel. That's why I would recommend these sessions to other people my age."

- Dwayne, Student at Ecole de Fatima

Bring MEAL to your school