Simple and free
The collection and donation of your surplus food are free. With FoodWise, you save on waste management costs and get access to impact reports to share your commitment and improve your brand image.
Traceable and secure
We commit to ensuring that your donations are tracked and distributed with a high level of safety.
Support and expertise
No need to be in contact with hundreds of NGOs, redirect the demands to us and we will take care of it.
How it works

You request

You call or email us to inform us of your donation.


We connect

We match your donation to one or many NGOs within our network. And if you already know which NGO you would like to donate to, we can also make it work.


We collect

We collect the products with our truck for free and deliver them efficiently and safely. If needed, we can also sort out your surplus for you!


You impact

You will receive monthly impact reports with a detailed description of your impact.

Damaged packaging or products

Excess of stock holdings

Short dates stocks

Failed deliveries

Seasonal products

Picking and stock rotation issue

Damaged products

Forecasting issues

Labelling issues

Samples and trials

Quality rejections

Picking and stock rotation issues

Undeclared allergens

Machine breakdowns

Damaged packaging or products

Quality rejections from shelves

No distinction between best before and expiry date

Wrong forecasting

Expiry dates

Excess in stock

Customer choice

Quality Control

Excess in production

Machine breakdown

Forecasting issues

Sizing and portions

Quality control

Excess in production

Machine breakdown

Forecasting issues

Sizing and portions

Esthetic quality control


Returns from supermarkets

Short dates on packaging

Labelling issue

Damaged packaging

Date coding error

Seasonal products

A solution for everyone


“In all cases, we are sure that the products we donate reach the right NGOs in all safety.”

Sonny Wong, Chief Operating Officer, Innodis

Returns from supermarkets, damaged packaging or short-dated stock – we can help you save those products from going to waste.


“Maurilait is one of the first partners to have supported FoodWise in the fight against food waste and insecurity. We are happy to help many families with access to healthy dairy products.”

Olivier Zuel, General Manager of Maurilait

Machine breakdown, packaging updates, and quality rejections. All lead to stock that cannot be sold. We are here to give a second life to those products.


“Our partnership with FoodWise has enabled us to act more responsibly and consciously. We firmly believe that FoodWise brings us one step closer to eradicating hunger in Mauritius.’’

Kelly Tsin, Sustainability Officer, Super U

Overstocking or leftovers? For retailers, food waste is an everyday part of the business, but not inevitable. Join the island’s top retailers’ fight against food waste with us.


“FoodWise handles all the work and we get all the credit!”

Christophe Montocchio, General Manager, Véranda Tamarin

There’s always some food left at the end of the day. With us, your leftovers will be given a second life.


“FoodWise provides us with the necessary support in implementing and managing our food surplus in line with our strict health and safety norms.”

Diane Van Schellebeck, Sustainability Officer, KFC

Oops, clients were craving more drumsticks than burgers today. That’s fine, we have it under control, these burgers will make dozens of children able to sleep tonight.


“We are happy to collaborate with FoodWise as the vegetables that we give benefit people in distress and it prevents them from going to waste.”

Patrice Dijoux, Director, Top Nature.

One out of four oranges is too ripe and you don’t have the time to sort it out? The use-by date is too close? We take it all.